Nextgen Noisy?

NextGen without a doubt is the future of aviation but, at what cost will it come at?  NextGen is the next generation of approach systems that the FAA is trying to implement in to major airports to start. It makes all the approaches more accurate and brings all the traffic closer together and reduces time in the air and allowing more planes to land in a shorter time, all done with GPS satellites.

Everything comes at a cost, NextGen is expensive for tax payers, but I think that a bigger problem is that since all air traffic is more accurate and denser. Causing more noise pollution over a smaller area but it is more intense. “The residents in these areas may be experiencing substantial increases over their historic noise levels (+10 points on the scale equals a doubling of the loudness)” (Schultz). That is a big increase that is something I think the government should work on fixing this because it effects citizens and could lower their property value. It has gotten so bad that there is a website called based around noise problems caused by NextGen. It has gotten to the point where “As of March 30, 2016: 38,295 total petitioners against aircraft pollution in the U.S., with 49,042 including petitioners internationally” (NextGenNoise). But the FAA is not taking this problem lightly as they are looking to many ways in to fixing this. They are looking into special jet fuel for subsonic jets called CLEEN that will help reduce the noise level the planes are making according to the FAA (FAA). They were also thinking about changing the current approach patterns to make it so that they fly over less populated areas than they do now to reduce the amount of affected people.

All in all, I think NextGen is a good thing, but it still has a lot of work that needs to be done before we can implement it to all airports. With the noise problem it currently has from allowing more planes to come in in shorter increments but also allowing them to land faster and spend less fuel.

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